A mixed housing block for students and refugees at the University of Amsterdam Science Park
May 15 '19 13:40

Last year there were around 30 incidents at Amsterdam student complexes where refugees and students live together, the Amsterdam office of mayor and alderman said in a report to the city council. The city is taking measures to reduce these incidents, Het Parool reports.

Geert Wilders Purmerend borders closed
Oct 6 '15 18:17

Anti-Islam PVV party leader Geert Wilders said his party is setting up a website and email address specifically to collect complaints from local residents regarding allegations of "nuisance" caused by asylum seekers, reported the party’s website. The party claims this is due to increased violence in and amongst refugee centers across the Netherlands.

Jun 6 '14 13:20

The Public Prosecution Authority (OM) has so far received 120 complaints from people against PvdA-leaders Diederik Samsom and Hans Spekman after a call from PVV-leader Geert Wilders. The OM has also heard from 5,000 people about Geert Wilders' anti-Moroccan remarks during the municipal elections, the Volkskrant reports.

A so-called Container Town
May 9 '14 09:02

The city of Rotterdam is planning to construct an area outside the city in which asocial families will be placed in twenty containers. Leader of Leefbaar Rotterdam, Joost Eerdmans, says that families who are "too intelligent for the psychiatric clinic, not criminal enough for jail, but too dangerous for the neighborhood" will be made to live in this Container Town.

May 6 '14 15:47

The man who shot another dead in Amsterdam Noord was a  genuine nuisance, residents of the Twiske-West neighborhood in Nesserland say.

Errol (51) was arrested Monday morning after a shooting incident that left a 31-year-old man dead and another injured. Neighbors say it had only been a matter of time before things surrounding the Suriname-born man would escalate.

Mar 10 '14 17:05

Four new arrests were made in the investigation into activities of a criminal youth gang in South West The Hague, Monday morning, March 10. Together with 11 other suspects, apprehended on January 14, they are held responsible for dozens of burglaries.

The use of drones by police departments around the world to easily monitor crowds of people is increasing. (credit Daily Mail)
Feb 17 '14 11:31

VVD Den Haag wants police to deploy drones over the Schilderswijk in The Hague to face youth gangs and loiterers that are plaguing the neighborhood.

No image available
Jan 27 '14 12:38

An aircraft traveling from Scandinavia to Great Britain was diverted to Schiphol Sunday afternoon, after a passenger became too much to handle up in the air.

Jan 14 '14 14:23

The Hague police arrested eleven members of a youth gang early Tuesday morning in a large-scale operation, according to police reports.

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