Military Intelligence and Security Service

Sep 27 '16 09:20

The Dutch military intelligence service MIVD shared information that could be used in so-called "targeted killings" by other countries. While the service complied to the rules in this, the rules are insufficient to remove the risks of the MIVD inadvertently contributing to the unlawful use of force, the CTIVD concludes in a report published on Monday

Lady Justice
Sep 1 '16 08:30

Dutch business man Ibrahim A. is considering appealing against a Hague court ruling that awarded him 1.2 million euros in compensation for damages incurred while working as a spy for military intelligence service MIVD in Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007. According to him, the compensation is not enough, he said to newspaper AD.

AIVD office in Zoetermeer
Apr 29 '16 08:46

The government plans to push through with its data mining plans that will give the intelligence services the capability to continuously spy on large amounts of internet traffic, the Volkskrant reports based on a still secret bill the paper has in its possession.

AIVD office in Zoetermeer
Apr 15 '16 14:50

A new legislative proposal gives the Netherlands' intelligence and security services the ability for eaves dropping on cellphone and internet traffic on a large-scale. But only if an as-yet-to-be-establishments independent committee gives them permission

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Apr 13 '16 15:35

Between 15 and 20 Dutch soldiers are actively fighting in Syria and Iraq, according to annual figures for 2015 from military intelligence service MIVD.

Mar 16 '16 16:30

Submarines are absolutely crucial to the Dutch Defense force, because with out them the Netherlands would have to depend on other countries for intelligence gathering, according to the military intelligence service MIVD.

Mar 15 '16 08:18

A few days before Budget Day 2015, the Dutch secret services AIVD and MIVD foiled a possible attack on the building of the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament

Nov 4 '15 12:45

The Dutch Bar Association is concerned about the fact that the Ministry of Defense is recording calls between soldiers and their lawyers and that Defense departments other than the security agencies may be listening to the conversations.

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Oct 14 '15 09:28

Hackers are increasingly targeting the Netherlands and cybercrime and digital espionage remain the biggest threats to the digital security in the country. This is greatly influenced by geopolitical developments, such as international conflicts and political sensitivities.

Sep 7 '15 11:28

Minister Ronald Plasterk plans to push ahead with the new law that will give the Dutch secret services more capacity for data mining and internet and phone tapping, despite criticism and complaints from privacy activists, human rights organizations and telecom companies.

Jun 17 '15 14:15

A number of Amsterdam law firm Prakken d'Oliveira's clients are refusing to communicate with their attorneys by phone or email because they are afraid that the General Intelligence and Security Service, or AIVD, is listening in

Mar 16 '15 09:27

The National Platform Firearms (LPV), a collaboration to combat the illegal firearms trade, was quietly disbanded at the end of January. This is according to an investigation done by television program Brandpunt Reporter, which was broadcast last night.

Jan 29 '15 11:44

Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert apologized in a letter to former soldier Ismail Selvi for spying on him. In the letter she wrote that the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) approached people in Selvi's area and that they were not allowed to do that.

Dec 17 '14 11:13

According to Edward Snowden, the Netherlands has not learned from his disclosure, but is making its laws worse. He said this via a video link during the presentation of the Big Brother Awards last night.

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