Fmr. Afghan spy wants more after Dutch court orders €1.2 million payout

Dutch business man Ibrahim A. is considering appealing against a Hague court ruling that awarded him 1.2 million euros in compensation for damages incurred while working as a spy for military intelligence service MIVD in Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007. According to him, the compensation is not enough, he said to newspaper AD.

A. demanded 5 million euros in compensation, according to According to him, his construction company missed out on work and money due to his work for the MIVD. He adds that he was still hard at work for the intelligence service when the operation was suddenly put to a stop. This meant that he was suddenly on his own and in danger. He was threatened by people in his network and had to leave the country in a hurry. The law requires that informants and officers should be phased out carefully.

In his own words, A. was working on intelligence gathering in Afghanistan and mediated between the Netherlands and the Taliban. He also provided other services, such as arranging fake stamps in passports and even guns for the Dutch.

The court ruled that Defense acted carelessly when breaking off the relationship with A., leaving his own network turned against him and causing him to suffer economic damage. The court therefore awarded him nearly 1.2 million euros in compensation.

But A. is not satisfied with this compensation and is considering an appeal. "My damages are much greater than the amount granted", he said to Dutch newspaper AD.