medical marijuana

Dec 13 '17 11:59

The demand for medical marijuana is soaring in the Netherlands. Over the past five years the number of doctor's prescriptions for medical marijuana grew by more than 400 percent to over 50 thousand this year, according to figures from the foundation of pharmaceutical statistics SFK, AD reports. 

Oct 29 '15 12:53

The province of Flevoland is investing 1.5 million euros into the company Spirocan, which is working on developing a painkiller using medical marijuana.

Smoking weed
Oct 23 '15 14:51

An increase of 45 percent has been recorded for the use of medical marijuana in the Netherlands compared to 2014. This is a much larger increase than in the last four years, which increased a steady 25 percent increase. Patients that are now medically qualify for the use of cannabis no longer have to rely on coffee shops, now they can get there medical marijuana, via prescription, at their local pharmacy, reported the Foundation for Pharmaceutical Studies (SFK).

Jun 24 '14 17:05

Completely harmless, no dangerous substances, and in a variety of flavors, the e-joint is taking the European market by storm with the company behind the product rolling out 10,000 units daily, according to distributors E-Njoint B.V. Capitalizing on the success of the e-cigarette, the Delft based business has claimed to have invented the world’s first electronic joint though it is sold without using any THC, the psychoactive aspect of marijuana.

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