Puff or Puffery? Dutch company claims first E-Joint

An artist's rendering of the E-Joint, created by a Dutch firm and now for sale (E-Njoint BV/Facebook)An artist's rendering of the E-Joint, created by a Dutch firm and now for sale (E-Njoint BV/Facebook)

Completely harmless, no dangerous substances, and in a variety of flavors, the e-joint is taking the European market by storm with the company behind the product rolling out 10,000 units daily, according to distributors E-Njoint B.V. Capitalizing on the success of the e-cigarette, the Delft based business has claimed to have invented the world’s first electronic joint though it is sold without using any THC, the psychoactive aspect of marijuana.

Because of this, the company claims the e-joint is perfectly legal worldwide, and they claim there are no harmful effects to using the product, which does contain "natural" Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and biological flavouring, according to the firm's website. There is no tobacco or nicotine in the company's product.

The product is designed as a compact, electronic version of a water pipe or hookah, said E-Njoint CEO Menno Contant. Contant acknowledged that, despite the product's marketing and implicit connection to marijuana, it will not actually give the user a euphoric feeling, and is thus "completely legal."

However, the user may fill an e-joint with their own widely-available cannabis liquid or THC e-cigarette cartridges, and it can act as a dispensary for marijuana use, according to the firm's website.

In an interview with the International Business Times, Contant went on to say that, "Holland is well known in the world for its tolerant and liberal attitude toward soft drugs and the introduction of this new product clearly makes a statement: As long as you don't bother or disturb other people and stay within the legal boundaries, all is well."

"Everyone should feel fine, because what we are doing is no crime."

E-Njoint BV is currently in negotiations with the Israeli medical cannabis company Tikun Olam, to see if the E-Joint can be marketed as a health product, making it appealing to US states where medical marijuana has been decriminalized or made available medicinally.

Designed in a cylindrical shape reminiscent of a rolled marijuana joint, the e-joint comes in a range of colours and styles, with a green cannabis icon at the end that glows each time the user takes a puff. The product comes in six different flavors including watermelon, passionfruit, green apple, and red cherry. Purchasers may also choose to customize the design, wrapping, and cap.