An electronic stethoscope
Jul 11 '17 10:30

Several prominent Dutch health websites are not careful enough with their visitors' privacy, according to consumers organization Consumentenbond. A number use cookies without permission and some use an un-encrypted connection, NU.nl reports.

Nov 2 '15 12:36

Three health organizations have joined forces and launched a campaign for a "smoke free generation". The campaign aims to have children grow up in a smoke-free environment and without the temptation to start smoking. Figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Friday shows that one in three smokers recently tried to quit smoking and failed. Young smokers and female smokers have a particularly hard time quitting.

Sep 4 '15 12:40

There are no concrete plans to implement a complete smoking ban at amusement park Efteling, despite the ever growing number of complaints.

Jun 15 '15 10:17

Catering analyst Wouter Verkerk believes that terraces will be the next target for a smoking ban. According to him, it is only a matter of time before the outdoor area will also be a smoke-free zone.

Apr 24 '15 08:39

State Secretary Martin van Rijn of Health is putting in extra effort to get all school grounds smoke-free and to prevent young people from smoking.

Feb 10 '15 12:58

According to a study commissioned by the Longfonds, half of all schools in secondary education in the Netherlands now have a non-smoking school ground.

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