No total smoking ban planned for Efteling

The Flying Dutchman at Efteling (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Kevin olfers)The Flying Dutchman at Efteling (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Kevin olfers)

There are no concrete plans to implement a complete smoking ban at amusement park Efteling, despite the ever growing number of complaints.

There is a smoking ban inside the attractions and restaurants, but people are still allowed to smoke in queues and on squares. Numerous interest groups are calling for a total smoking ban, or at least for a smoke-free Sprookjesbos, the Telegraaf reports.

Femke van Es, spokesperson for the theme park, told the newspaper that they have noted an increase in complaints. She added that although there are no concrete plans for a complete smoking ban, Efteling is open for suggestions. "We are keeping an eye on the noise. It is being discussed."

"It is trudging between fences row after row and hoping that people around you have the decency not to smoke in this crowd. But unfortunately, that decency often lacks and the Efteling is apparently just fine with it", Friso Geerlings writes on the Efteling fan-site Eftelist. Complaints are also streaming in through social media.

Calls for a smoking ban are also coming from the Trimbos institute, the Lung Fund, the Alliance Netherlands Smoke Free and Clean Air Nederland. "You want to minimize the contact of families with children with the deadly effects of passive smoking", Jelmer Krom of the Lung Fund said to the Newspaper. Tom Voeten of Clean air agrees, adding that Efteling does not have to worry about the effect a smoking ban will have on the number of visitors. "Such a child-friendly decision just creates positive publicity. As market leader you should show courage."

A petition for a smoking ban in queues on Eftelist has been signed nearly 11 thousand times.


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