Job losses

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Jun 20 '18 15:50

The government is planning to close four prisons in the Netherlands, sources told newspaper AD. The prisons need to close because there are too many empty cells in the country, but this will also cause job losses for prison staff.

The prisons in Zoetermeer, Zeist, Almere and Zwaag are on the list to be closed, according to the newspaper. By choosing those prisons, the government hopes to save prisons outside the Randstad, where prison workers will have a harder time finding new work. 

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Oct 6 '16 08:50

Behind the scenes KLM is transferring flights from Amsterdam to Paris as a result of a power struggle within Air France-KLM, the Telegraaf reports based on "multiple sources". This transfer of flights is resulting in job losses in the Netherlands, according to the newspaper.

Jul 13 '16 09:09

A massive 4 thousand jobs could be lost should Tata Steel merge with German rival ThyssenKrup, union FNV said to RTV Noord-Holland.

Mar 22 '16 12:36

The Ministry of Security and Justice plans to close at least eight prisons and three juvenile detention centers in the next six years. Union FNV calls the 1,900 lost jobs accompanying this decision "unacceptable". "Last year State Secretary Fred Teeven that no new closures will follow. Van der Steur is breaking that promise with these announcements", union manager Frans Carbo said

Jan 19 '16 10:29

Erotica chain Christine le Duc is closing 13 of its 26 stores. This means that 40 of the 80 jobs will be lost, but there will not be forced redundancies, the company announced on Monday

Jan 1 '16 12:11

Now that retail group V&D is declared bankrupt, bankruptcy administrators Kees van de Meent and Hanneke de Coninck are working hard on a possible restart. V&D CEO John van der Ent has hopes that this will succeed. "This bankruptcy does not mean the end of V&D and La Place", he wrote in a letter to his employees on Thursday.

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Dec 30 '15 09:45

Pharmacy chain DA was officially declared bankrupt by the court in Amsterdam on Tuesday, but a takeover by the Nederlandse Drogisterij Service means that the pharmacy will not completely disappear. The takeover does come with some job losses however, union FNV stated on Tuesday based on a letter to the staff.

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Oct 2 '14 15:58

Robots are starting to push man out of the workplace, research bureau Deloitte has reported.

Photo: Phillips Headquarters, Amsterdam
Sep 23 '14 15:54

Dutch electronics giant Philips today announced that they will be streamlining the 120-year-old company, separating its healthcare-lifestyle sector from its historic lighting division. While both companies will continue to use the Philips brand name, the move will incur annual restructuring costs of around 50 million euros and bring potential job losses.

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