Jan de Jong

Milieudefensie and Groningen residents dump fracking earthquake rubble in front of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Hague, 26 Oct 2017
Feb 1 '18 11:28

Gas extraction in Groningen must be halved to a maximum of 12 billion cubic meters a year in order to stop fracking earthquakes and guarantee safety in the province, the state supervisor on mines SoDM said in a recommendation to Minister Eric Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate on Thursday. The Loppersum clusters must close immediately, the SoDM said, RTL Nieuws reports.

Sep 29 '15 14:25

The Emmy award ceremony, for both American and international newscasters celebrating the best international news stories, took place on Monday night in New York. The Dutch broadcaster NOS, who was nominated for the airing of the National Day of Mourning after the downing of Maylasian Flight MH17, was competing with three other non-American contenders for the award. NOS received its nomination for the July 2014, hour-long broadcast on the arrival of the first victims of the plane crash in the Ukraine.

Jul 1 '15 14:55

Groningen residents are still in danger of earthquakes caused by gas extraction, even after the extraction limit for this year was reduced to 30 billion cubic meters last week.

Nov 24 '14 14:20

The NOS did not put in a bid for the rights of the UEFA Champions League for the period 2015 - 2018. The deadline for this was today at 12:00 p.m.

Oct 2 '14 14:48

Today 25 years ago RTL Véronique carefully began with the first commercial television broadcast in the Netherlands.

Oct 1 '13 01:39

If the public broadcast wants to compensate for part of the government cuts, it will have to broadcast more TV commercials. Also the programming will have to be interrupted by commercials.

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