May 26 '17 13:50

The student housing shortage in Amsterdam is getting worse and worse, and if nothing is done about it, students will start opting for universities in other Dutch cities, a group of Amsterdam universities, colleges and housing corporations said in an urgent call to the municipality. According to them, Amsterdam needs at least 2 thousand new student homes per year, Het Parool reports. 

Jun 10 '16 10:19

An administrative employee at InHolland was reprimanded by the college's management for sending an email warning of the number of ethnic minority students in the college's Amsterdam branch. The employee expressed regret and apologized, the college said in a statement on Thursday

Jan 18 '16 14:20

A total of 130 schools in the Netherlands can call themselves "excellent" for the next three years. They were selected by an independent jury, chaired By Jet Ranitz, Chairman of the Inholland executive board, who visited and assessed 210 primary schools, special needs schools and high schools

May 22 '15 09:47

Dutch students find InHolland the most disappointing college in the Netherlands. Key issues at the college include the quality of the lecturers and the way manner in which the college deals with problems and complaints. The college De Kempel scored the best.

Aug 19 '14 11:28

College InHolland is working on a special trainings program to instruct teaching staff how they should handle possible radicalization under their pupils. Papers from De Persdienst report on Tuesday.

Karina Hagafiona Monica with Kim Holland, Netherlands porn actress/producer
Mar 7 '14 14:55

InHolland student from The Hague Karina Hagafiona Monica (24) planned to do a porn internship with pornography producer Kim Holland, but the vocational university didn't allow it. Now Kim Holland is fighting to keep her intern.

Feb 2 '14 08:40

Another person has been arrested following the false alarm threat that saw the InHolland University in Rotterdam evacuated on Thursday.

no image
Apr 22 '13 05:36

Directors and supervisors in the education sector will be jointly and severally liable when they are negligent in the performance of their duties. This includes not only financial management but also educational failure. The Minister and Secretary of Education said this in an interview with NRC.

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