Students: InHolland most disappointing college in NL

Dutch students find InHolland the most disappointing college in the Netherlands. Key issues at the college include the quality of the lecturers and the way manner in which the college deals with problems and complaints. The college De Kempel scored the best.

This is according to the results of the National Student Survey 2015, an annual survey done by the foundation Studiekeuze123, the Volkskrant reports. This year nearly 300 thousand students from colleges and universities participated in the survey - nearly 40 percent of all Dutch students.

InHolland received the lowest rating of all colleges in the Netherlands. On the question about whether students would recommend their program to friends or families, InHolland received a score of 3.65 out of 5. Other colleges scored an average of 3.99.

InHolland students were critical about the way the college handled complaints and problems. In that section of the survey, the college received a score of 2.84, thereby also receiving the worst score of all other colleges, who scored an average of 3.16. InHolland's score on the evaluation of lecturers was also lower than other colleges at 3.34. Only the distance learning of NTI College scored lower in this section.

InHolland president Jet de Ranitz is laconic about the last place. "If you make a list, someone must always be at the bottom", she said to the Volkskrant. She considers the allover rating of 3.65 as good enough. "I conclude that the average student at InHolland is satisfied." she said. "We have come a far way." De Ranitz ponts to a positive trend - the college's scores have risen in almost all areas.

The Pedagogical College De Kempel came out as the top college in the survey with a score of 4.75.

Among universities, Wageningen University, the Open University and the Nyenrode Business University got the highest scores at 4.44. The University of Amsterdam and the University of Twente got the lowest scores at 4.09.