InHolland college: “sorry” for warning others of Amsterdam’s ethnic minorities

InHolland Amsterdam (Photo: Shirley de Jong/Wikimedia Commons). (InHolland Amsterdam (Photo: Shirley de Jong/Wikimedia Commons))

An administrative employee at InHolland was reprimanded by the college's management for sending an email warning of the number of ethnic minority students in the college's Amsterdam branch. The employee expressed regret and apologized, the college said in a statement on Thursday, Het Parool reports.

In an email to a student wishing to transfer from InHolland Haarlem to InHolland Amsterdam, the employee warns about the ethnic minority students in Amsterdam. "Keep n mind that the student population in Amsterdam is different than in Haarlem (in Amsterdam, a large part of the student are ethnic minorities), but if that doesn't bother you, you should choose the Amsterdam location." the email reads.

The school is shocked by the incident, according to the statement, and sees diversity as a strength. The employee was called in and stated that the intention was never to discriminate. The person expressed regret and apologized.