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Jul 22 '19 16:00

Malek F. was sentenced to mandatory institutionalized psychiatric treatment for stabbing three people in The Hague on Liberation Day last year. The court considered it proven that he tried to stab his three random victims to death, but ruled on Monday that he was not acting on a terrorist motive, but due to the psychotic disorder he suffers from, NOS reports.

Oct 15 '18 12:40

The Public Prosecutor is increasingly convinced that Malek F. had a terrorist motive when he stabbed three people in The Hague in May. A report from Islam experts and bugged conversations F. had since his arrest show that the 32-year-old Syrian refugee had been radicalized, the Prosecutor said in a pro-forma hearing against F. on Monday, NOS reports.

May 7 '18 15:00

The police can still not say anything about the motive for a stabbing that left three people seriously hurt in The Hague on Saturday. The victims and the 31-year-old man who stabbed them, are still in hospital, ANP reports.

The 31-year-old man from The Hague stabbed three people on Johanna Westerdijkplein, near Hollands Spoor Station, on Saturday. The police shot him in the leg before he could be arrested. Upon his arrest, he shouted 'Allahu akbar', according to the news wire.

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May 7 '18 07:53

A 31-year-old man from The Hague stabbed and seriously hurt three people near train station Hollands Spoor in the city on Saturday afternoon. The police shot the suspect in the leg before being able to arrest him. All three victims and the suspect were still in hospital on Sunday afternoon, the police said.

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Dec 23 '13 14:53

The police officer who shot and killed 17-year-old Rishi Chandrikasing at Hollands Spoor train station in The Hague last year, has been acquitted. The court decided on Monday to drop the charges of manslaughter and murder.

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Dec 10 '13 04:31

The officer who shot the 17-year-old Rishi Chandrikasing on the The Hague train station, Hollands Spoor, last year, needs to be acquitted of all charges, pleaded prosecutor Wouter Bos Monday before the court in The Hague.

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Dec 9 '13 13:09

The policeman who is facing trial over the shooting last year that killed 17-year-old Rishi Chandrikasingh, will now also be tried for murder.

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Dec 9 '13 04:32

The mother and brother of the 17-year-old Rishi Chandrikasing, who was shot and killed last year on a The Hague train station, want a heavier charge for the officer who fired the fatal shot. They also want the colleagues to be prosecuted for not resuscitating the victim.

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Dec 9 '13 04:31

The police officer, who shot and killed the 17-year-old Rishi last year on a The Hague train station, will be tried on Monday for manslaughter. The NOS made a reconstruction of the fatal last minute, based on parts of the investigation reports and interviews with people involved.

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Dec 5 '13 04:30

The police officer who is suspected of fatally shooting the 17-year-old Rishi last year in The Hague, is being threatened. The court in The Hague has taken security measures for the trial, scheduled on Monday. It will be the first time for the officer to appear before the court in the case.

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Oct 10 '13 02:03

An officer wrongly concluded the 17-year-old Rishi instantly died from a police bullet last November in The Hague Hollands Spoor station.

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Mar 27 '13 02:56

On Sunday, approximately 235,000 people traveled by train for free courtesy of the promotion for the annual national book week, Boekenweek. The Dutch rail company, NS, said the number was a 17.5% increase over last year's total of 200,000.

Anyone who had spent more than €12.50 on a Dutch book last week in the Netherlands was eligible to receive a free copy of the Kees van Kooten book, De verrekijker. Showing the freebie to the NS on the last day of Boekenweek meant a passenger could get a free train ride.

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