Institutionalized treatment for stabbing three people in The Hague

Malek F. was sentenced to mandatory institutionalized psychiatric treatment for stabbing three people in The Hague on Liberation Day last year. The court considered it proven that he tried to stab his three random victims to death, but ruled on Monday that he was not acting on a terrorist motive, but due to the psychotic disorder he suffers from, NOS reports.

The 32-year-old Syrian refugee attacked three randomly chosen people with a knife near Hollands Spoor in The Hague on 5 May 2018. All three were seriously injured, but survived the attack. He also threatened bystanders. The police shot him to prevent him attacking anyone else. 

The man suffers from a psychotic disorder with delusions which he believes are following and chasing him. Due to this, he cannot be held accountable. The court therefore acquitted him of attempted murder and sentenced him to treatment.

The Public Prosecutor demanded 15 years in prison with institutionalized treatment against F., charging him with three counts of attempted murder and three counts of threats with a terrorist motive. The Prosecutor considers F. a threat to society. He should therefore not be released untreated and only return to society if there is no longer any chance of recurrence, according to the Prosecutor. 


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