Health Inspectorate

UMC Utrecht
Nov 4 '15 08:02

A "culture of fear" in the ear nose and throat department of the University Medical Center in Utrecht, has led to "avoidable" and"serious, deadly complications" that endangers the safety of patients.

asylum seekers
Jun 16 '15 15:55

A South African asylum seeker committed suicide in the Rotterdam Detention Center on Monday morning.

no image
Dec 5 '14 10:23

The Netherlands will likely soon receive its first Ebola patient for treatment. De Telegraaf reports that medical specialists are ready to care for a Nigerian who has contracted the deadly virus.

Sep 30 '14 14:11

On Thursday a patient of psychiatric ward De Rooyse Wissel escaped his counselor during his leave.

no image
Aug 6 '13 04:29

Of the Dutch institutions for disabled, two third does not comply with the minimum standards. That concludes the news program Nieuwsuur, after considering the reports that the Health Inspectorate drafted in response to 44 unannounced visits in the past six months.

Of the institutions, 64 percent did not meet the minimum requirements of the inspection. Nine percent met the requirements partially and 27 percent of the inspected institutions did not get any criticism.

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