handling stolen goods

Police officers on the street
Jan 11 '17 15:00

On Tuesday the police in Zuid-Limburg arrested 14 people on suspicion of involvement in dozens of crimes including car thefts, burglaries, ram raids, handling stolen goods and money laundering. According to the police, all 14 suspects no each other and the crimes were committed by varying smaller groups made up of the various suspects. Most of the crimes were committed in Limburg and across the border in Germany and Belgium in 2016.

Jul 29 '15 12:57

A 39 year old Romanian man was arrested at Eindhoven Airport on Monday afternoon. He was carrying 39 cell phones, believed to have been stolen at the Tommorowland festival in Belgium.

Feb 24 '15 16:19

Police arrested two men ride a scooter in Doesburg, Gelderland after a local resident heard and recognized the sound of his own stolen scooter's engine. The sharp eared-inhabitant then set out to look for his two-wheeler only to find two strange men sitting on it.