Getaway car used in attack on De Telegraaf building found burning on Noordkaperweg in Amsterdam, 27 June 2018
Jun 28 '18 15:20

The police managed to track the routes taken by both vehicles used in an on Basisweg in Amsterdam early on Tuesday morning. Both the white Volkswagen Caddy used to crash into the building, and the black Audi A5 RS used as a getaway car were stolen and had fake license plates put on them, the police said in a statement.

Mountain of trash found in Amsterdam man's home, February 2017
Feb 28 '17 13:05

The Amsterdam police launched a search for a local resident after concerned colleagues reported that he did not show up for work last week. They found the man at home but in "worrying living conditions" - the man's home was filled with mountains of trash.

The police called in public health service GGD, who concluded that the man's home is so full of trash that it "constitutes a danger to public health". The house was cleaned out by the Amsterdam police, GGD Amsterdam and pest control.

Aug 17 '16 09:22

The PvdA found a new, cheaper location for their party offices. The party leadership will be using the former ING offices on Haarlemmerweg in Amsterdam-West from early September, party chairman Hans Spekman said on Facebook.

Aug 5 '16 16:50

Reports of shots fired led to a wild chase through Amsterdam-West and the eventual arrest of three men on Thursday night, the police said in a statement on Friday.

Jun 5 '15 07:52

A prominent member of motorcycle club No Surrender died after a crash with a tram on Thursday. The accident happened at the intersection of Haarlemmerweg and Molenwerf in Amsterdam. The biker died of his injuries in hospital.

Mar 23 '15 17:34

Two suspected shooters in the Amsterdam Staatsliedenbuurt assassination case, Adil "Kinker" A. and Anouar "Popeye" B., stood before the court on Monday. Two motorcycle police officers under fire that night were terrified, they told the court, with a reconsruction of the night suggesting Russian-made armour piercing bullets were used, according to NOS. Bullets were found all over the neighborhood after offenders fled the scene.

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