Mar 14 '16 09:46

The association of Dutch pilots VNV is calling for peer-operated self-help groups to help pilots suffering from depression or battling with addiction

Jun 3 '15 09:04

The D66 wants pilots to regularly undergo a mandatory psychological test. With this they hope to prevent future tragedies like the Germanwings accident in March, which was caused by the psychologically troubled co-pilot Andreas Lubitz.

Apr 20 '15 10:17

KLM has formally implemented a new cockpit rule that states that two people have to be in the cockpit at all times, the airline announced.

Apr 1 '15 12:55

About 800 people participated in the silent march for Iris Claassen in Deurne last night, ED reports. Claassen was the only Dutch victim of the Germanwings plane crash in France.

Iris Claassen
Mar 31 '15 10:35

Friends of Iris Claassen (20), who died in the Germanwings plane crash last week, are holding a memorial walk in Deurne tonight, ED reports.

KLM boeing 787
Mar 27 '15 07:45

For the time being KLM has decided not to change the cockpit rules that state that a pilot has to close the door behind him when leaving the cockpit. The airline will await the full results of the investigation into the Germanwings accident before considering changing the rules.

Iris Claassen
Mar 24 '15 19:33

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Tuesday that at least one Dutch victim was flying on Germanwings flight 4U9525 which crashed in the French alps. The plane departed from Barcelona Tuesday morning and was headed towards Dusseldorf.

Germanwings Logo
Mar 24 '15 17:11

At least one Dutch passenger purchased a ticket for the Germanwings flight that crashed in the French Alps earlier today, travel agent told RTL Nieuws. There is no information as to whether the passenger boarded the flight, and Germanwings is delaying the release of information regarding the passenger manifest of flight 4U9525.

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