fire damage

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Oct 17 '19 10:20

Dutch insurers and firefighters are seeing more and more fires caused by lithium-ion batteries, which are used in electric bicycles, toys, smartphones and tablets. The Salvage Foundation, which offers first help to victims of a major fire on behalf of insurers, responded to 100 fires caused by such batteries last year, compared to 72 in 2017, the Dutch Association of Insurers announced with its annual figures.

Geldrop accident fire
Oct 31 '18 09:27

Last year fewer people submitted damage claims for fire to Dutch insurers, according to the Dutch Association of Insurers. A total of almost 96 thousand fire damage claims were received last year, a decrease of 7 percent compared to 2016, NOS reports.

The association largely attributes the decrease to the fact that there were fewer storms in the Netherlands last year. "Experience shows that thunderstorms often cause a lot of fire claims, but luckily they were absent last year", director Richer Weurding said to NOS.

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Aug 6 '13 04:36

In the first six months of this year, 75 fires raged in the Netherlands with a damage of one million euro or more. That is the highest number in 10 years time. The total loss of these fires amounted to 270.5 million euro. This was reported by the Dutch Institute of Chartered Surveyors (NIVRE) on Monday.

The institute, which maintains the quality of damage experts, monitors each quarter the number of large fires. The first quarter of this year saw already a record number of 35 of those fires. In the second quarter another forty of million euro fires, were recorded.

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