fatal stabbing

Jul 25 '16 15:30

The man arrested for stabbing another man to death on Jacob van Lennepstraat in Amsterdam on Monday morning, seemed to be mentally disturbed, a local resident who spoke to the man said to AT5.

Jul 25 '16 11:30

A man was killed in a stabbing incident on Jacob van Lennepstraat in Amsterdam early on Monday morning. One suspect was arrested.

Jul 18 '16 09:06

A 58-year-old woman was killed in a stabbing incident in a home on Velddijksestraat in Maasbommel on Saturday morning. One suspect was arrested. According to Dutch newspaper AD, the woman was killed by her pregnant daughter's boyfriend.

Jul 15 '16 14:30

A 38-year-old woman died in hospital after being critically injured in a home on Professor Quacklaan in Rijswijk on Thursday morning, the police said in a statement on Friday. Her 45-year-old partner was arrested.

Jul 8 '16 11:29

The Amsterdam police received several tips about the fatal stabbing of a youth worker in Amsterdam-Oost last week. A "handful" of these tips may be useful, a spokesperson said to RTV Noord-Holland. The victim, 23-year-old Romano Oxford, was buried in Amsterdam Oost on Friday.

 crime scene tape
Jun 29 '16 08:53

One man was killed and a woman seriously injured in a stabbing on Wilgenstraat in Den Bosch early on Wednesday morning. The woman was taken to hospital. No arrests were made.

Jun 20 '16 08:17

A 29-year-old man from Schiedam was arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing of a newspaper delivery woman in Rotterdam last month. He will be arraigned on Monday. The Rotterdam police are still trying to figure out the motive behind the stabbing, police chief Frank Paauw said to ANP in reaction to the arrest.

Apr 13 '16 12:20

The relationship between tennis coach Mark de J. and businessman Koen Everink was tense for months before Everink's murder. Witnesses told the police that the two started arguing about tennis player Robin Haase last year

Apr 8 '16 07:49

An 18 year old boy was stabbed to death in The Hague on Thursday. A 15 year old boy was arrested.

new police uniform 1
Feb 5 '16 07:50

A 35 year old woman died in hospital after being stabbed in Amsterdam Noord on Thursday morning. One man was arrested.

 crime scene tape
Jan 19 '16 13:00

A 24 year old man was stabbed on the bridge between Hotel Victoria and Amsterdam Central Station on Monday evening. The police are looking for the perpetrator.

Jan 7 '16 16:20

A 26 year old man was arrested on Thursday morning in connection with a stabbing in Zutphen on New Year's Eve in which 23 year old Joel Alvarez from Deventer was killed. According to the police, the man turned himself in.

Jan 1 '16 14:45

The victim of a fatal stabbing in London earlier this week was identified as 41-year-old Dutch university lecturer Jeroen Ensink, the British police announced on Friday. A 22 year-old-man was arrested and charged with the Dutch lecturer's murder.

Jun 16 '15 08:05

Vino H. regrets stabbing 96 year old Oma Toni, according to his lawyer Bob Meijer. A pretrial hearing on the case will be held in the court of Amsterdam on Tuesday. It is not yet clear whether the prosecution will hold H. responsible for the death of the 96 year old Amsterdam woman.

Jun 9 '15 11:01

The suspect arrested shortly after a fatal stabbing in Oosterhout on Friday, was arraigned on Monday. The 50 year old man from Oosterhout will remain in custody.

 crime scene tape
Dec 26 '14 14:03

A 39 year old man died during a stabbing incident in Amsterdam east yesterday afternoon. He was stabbed to death by his 41 year old brother, who turned himself in to the police.


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