fast charging stations

FastNed charging station
Mar 2 '18 12:50

Dutch company FastNed unveiled its first super-fast electric car chargers this week. According to the company, 15 minutes on one of the new charges can charge an electric car's battery enough to drive up to 500 kilometers, Trouw reports.

Dec 4 '17 14:30

With the opening of its first fast charging station for electric cars, Dutch oil giant Shell is now also a player in the electric vehicle market. Fastned, a company that already opened 63 fast charging stations in the Netherlands, believes that shell is being favored and is therefore taking the company to court, NOS reports.

"It starts with Shell simply selling electricity on the permit they have to sell fuel", Fastned CEO Michiel Langezaal said to the broadcaster. "We find that strange. We as electricity provider can't just sell gasoline. We're going to court."

Apr 19 '16 15:15

NS and Fastned reached an agreement on the construction of three fast-charging stations for electric cars on vacant lots in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. NS owns these lots

Nov 27 '14 12:36

Dutch company Fastned is going to build fast charging stations in Germany.

Oct 7 '14 14:56

The Dutch company FastNed is trying to make it possible for electric cars to charge along the highway within half an hour with so called fast-charging stations.

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