Dutch company FastNed unveils rapid electric car chargers

FastNed charging station
FastNed charging station. (Photo: @Fastned / Twitter)

Dutch company FastNed unveiled its first super-fast electric car chargers this week. According to the company, 15 minutes on one of the new charges can charge an electric car's battery enough to drive up to 500 kilometers, Trouw reports.

These rapid chargers were unveiled at a new electric car charging station on the A8, just past Amsterdam, on Wednesday. A new cooling system allows current to flow through the cable faster. The new chargers also have a capacity of 350 kilowatts - seven times larger than the current fast chargers. According to FastNed, the new chargers can charge a car "a hundred times faster than at home". 

FastNed director Michiel Langezaal is looking to the future with this new technology. "There are new electric cars on the market with a larger battery. This prevents long charging", he said, according to the newspaper. 

A second charging station with the new rapid chargers will soon open on the A15 near Rhoon. FastNed currently has 63 fast charging stations in the Netherlands and plans to open 25 stations in Germany this year.