Ewold Horn

Ewold Hold
Jun 3 '19 11:00

Ewold Horn's death in the Philippines can be blamed on the Dutch government, according to Warren Rodwell from Australia, a former hostage of terrorist movement Abu Sayyaf. The fact that the 54-year-old Dutch man was still a hostage of Abu Sayyaf after seven years shows that the Dutch government did not put enough effort into getting him released, Rodwell said to Dagblad van het Noorden.

Ewold Hold
May 31 '19 09:01

Dutch man Ewold Horn was killed on Friday morning while trying to escape his hostage takers in the Philippines, the Philippine military said in a statement. The Dutch birdwatcher has been a hostage of terrorist organization Abu Sayyaf for years.

"I am shocked by this terrible outcome, and express my sympathies to Ewold's family," Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Stef Blok said in a statement about the Groningen man. "I have also been in contact with the family. I am going to ask my Filipino counterpart for further clarification.” 

Ewold Hold
Jan 4 '19 11:40

Ewold Horn, a bird spotter from Groningen who was abducted by terrorist organization Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines in 2012, is still alive and in good condition, according to a recently freed captive. The 28-year-old man, Jelster Ed Quimbo, was released by Abu Sayyaf on Sunday, Philippine news site Philstar reports.

Ed Quimbo told the authorities that he was held captive along with a Dutch national, a Vietnamese national and three Filipinos. He said that the other hostages were in good condition. 

Ewold Hold
Aug 20 '15 15:12

The Netherlands is working intensely on the release of Ewold Horn, who was kidnapped in the Philippines in 2012.

Sep 26 '14 16:32

Filipino terrorist group Abu Sayyaf is interfering with the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) by threatening to kill two kidnapped Germans. This threat has also renewed the fear for the safety of Dutchman Ewold Horn, who has been in Abu Sayyaf custody for 2.5 years.

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