Renewed fear for Dutch held by Islamic captors

Humpback whale spotted off Zeeland coast (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube/SportvisserijWiesje)Humpback whale spotted off Zeeland coast (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube/SportvisserijWiesje)

Filipino terrorist group Abu Sayyaf is interfering with the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) by threatening to kill two kidnapped Germans. This threat has also renewed the fear for the safety of Dutchman Ewold Horn, who has been in Abu Sayyaf custody for 2.5 years.

Ewold Horn senior (Ewold's father) is still holding on to hope. He hopes that Abu Sayyaf's threat to kill the two kidnapped Germans is a bluff. "They want money. You do not kill those who bring you money." he says.

Concerns about Ewold Horn's fate is rising. "I felt sick when I read the article about the German hostages." says good friend Ben Koks, reports.

Another friend, who wants to remain anonymous, fears that Ewold Horn's fate has entered a new phase now that the Netherlands has joined the fight against ISIS.

The Islamic separatist Abu Sayyaf has been operating in the Philippines for years, striving for an independent Islamic state. They are very violent, using bombings, killings and kidnappings to try and achieve their goal.

Ewold Horn (54) is an expert in the establishment of animals and often traveled around the world to gain knowledge. He was kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf during such a trip to the Philippines in February 2012. Foreign Affairs keep their silence regarding horn, so as not to frustrate negotiations behind the scenes.

In addition to Horn Abu Sayyaf also has the Germans Stefan Okonek (74) and Henrike Diele (42) in their custody. They were kidnapped in April this year. Because Germany is at war with ISIS, Abu Sayyaf is threatening to kill the pair.