Air France Airbus A320
Feb 19 '18 09:15

A collision between an Air France plane flying from Paris to Amsterdam and an EgyptAir plane flying from Oostende to Cairo was narrowly avoided last year. The EgyptAir plane misunderstood air traffic control's instructions, resulting in the two planes flying only 4 seconds apart over Ghent on January 1st, 2017, according to an interim report from the Air Accident Investigation Unit, RTL Nieuws reports.

Mar 29 '16 12:57

The Dutch man that was held hostage on an EgyptAir airplane in Cyprus on Tuesday, was released, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed. The passenger list shows that a total of six Dutch passengers were on the plane. All of them are safely off the plane.

Mar 29 '16 10:32

An EgyptAir flight was kidnapped by a man wearing a bomb belt on Tuesday morning. A Dutch man is one of the passengers still on board, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told

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