Six Dutch were on hijacked EgyptAir flight; All safely off plane

EgyptAir plane (Photo: Arcturus / Wikimedia Commons)EgyptAir plane (Photo: Arcturus / Wikimedia Commons)

Update, 2 p.m., 29 March 2016: All hostages on the aircraft were released. The hijacker surrendered, and was arrested, EgyptAir announced on Twitter shortly before 2 p.m.

The Dutch man that was held hostage on an EgyptAir airplane in Cyprus on Tuesday, was released, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed. The passenger list shows that a total of six Dutch passengers were on the plane. All of them are safely off the plane.

According to the Ministry, the last Dutch passenger off the plane, a 56 year old man, was taken in by a employee of the Dutch embassy in Nicosia. He is unharmed and doing well under the circumstances.

At 12:40 p.m. the airline stated that the hijacker still has three passengers, the pilot, the co-pilot and three cabin crew members on board.


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