Aug 13 '18 10:00

An increasing number of prostitutes working in Amsterdam's Red Light District are struggling with debts, that can range from 10 thousand euros to 30 thousand euros, newspaper Trouw reports based on its own research.

No total overview is available, but the debt problem is large, three Christian organizations that support prostitutes in the Red Light District - the Salvation Army, Scharlaken Koord and Bright Fame - confirmed to the newspaper. 

Feb 8 '17 09:48

Despite a decrease in the wealth gap in the Netherlands, the number of households living in long-term poverty increased to 3.3 percent of households in 2015, Statistics Netherlands announced on Wednesday. In 2015 a total of 221 thousand households lived below the minimum income threshold for more than four years, 27 thousand more than in 2015.

Jdesse Boerenveen
Dec 23 '16 14:30

A dead man found in the Almere Haven on Thursday was identified as 40 year old Jdesse Boerenveen, who had been missing since December 1st. It is believed that he was in debt to drug pushers and that they kidnapped him, Het Parool reports.

According to the newspaper, Boerenveen was held in a garage in Wormerveer after his disappearance. A video surfaced of a man and a woman beating him and demanding money from him. On the video the woman can be heard shouting: "Where is my money, dirty crook. You're going nowhere. You are trapped in a dungeon with a few Moroccans at home."

Jun 10 '16 12:33

Fitness chain Basic-Fit hit the Amsterdam Euronext stock exchange at 15 euros per share on Friday. This gives Basic Fit a market capitalization of 820 million euros and a so-called business value of 994 million euros

Feb 26 '16 15:05

The Herman Renz circus tent was sold for 80 thousand euros at an auction in Ermelo on Friday. The auction was organized by the tax authorities in an effort to recover debts from the bankrupt circus.

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Feb 17 '16 09:20

The number of Dutch students financing their studies with money fro a so-called sugar daddy increased significantly over the past year, according to figures from sites that mediate such arrangements

Jan 13 '16 07:35

The body parts found around a ditch in Etten-Leur last month belonged to 26 year old Danny de Deugd, the police announced on Tuesday. The body parts were identified based on a DNA match.

Jul 27 '15 11:21

The Salvation Army is taking on an increasing amount of the care for vulnerable people in society due to the cutbacks in mental health care. In the Salvation Army's own words, this mostly involves people who "have no helper" - people who do not have a social network to help them and thus can not function on their own in the participation society.

Mar 6 '15 10:01

Dutch consumers are very cautious when it comes to using their savings, even when it is more rational to use their savings to pay off debts.

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Feb 27 '15 10:11

Euro Group President and Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem is dissatisfied with the "poker game" Greece has been playing with the other 18 Euro countries regarding their debts these past few weeks.

Student loan
Aug 6 '14 11:29

Due to a lack of well-paying jobs, a growing number of graduates are having difficulty paying off their student loans. According to a report from Dutch Education Executive Agency (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, DUO), there were more than 93,000 students who were not able to settle the debt last year, an increase of 76 percent over five years, De Volkskrant reports.

Ford Model T
May 1 '14 14:23

The industrial auction of the office equipment from the bankrupt travel organization Oad has raised €367,000. This amount could grow with some tens of thousands.

Ford Model T
Apr 30 '14 15:37

All items from the Oad travel organization, a family business, will be auctioned off on Wednesday. Office equipment and furnishings have to be sold to make up the company's debts.

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Apr 30 '14 14:28

Minister Jet Bussemaker of Education states that student loan abuse needs to be tackled more efficiently. In a letter to Parliament, she pointed out that stricter controls will be imposed on abuse of grants for students living away from home.

Mar 17 '14 10:10

For new renters, social housing in Utrecht and Amsterdam has become almost €100 more expensive in the last year. For low-income households, the available homes are more often unaffordable because of this, which has also risen eviction figures, the Volkskrant reports.

Provinciehuis Groningen
Mar 14 '14 13:27

Despite the crisis, the provinces have seen their own capacity rise considerably in the last few years. Municipalities, however, became poorer and racked up more debts. This from a comparison of yearly accounts from Deloitte in assignment from Binnenlands Bestuur.

Police Van
Feb 28 '14 07:05

The border police apprehended a man on Thursday who has an approximate outstanding fine of €320,000. The arrest was made in cooperation with the Royal Military Police.

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Jul 4 '13 03:39

The government has this year allocated 20 million euro extra for poverty reduction. The bulk of this amount, 19 million euro, goes to the municipalities. They have the director's role in the fight against poverty and debts.

Jetta Klijnsma, State Secretary for Social Affairs, wrote that on Wednesday to the House. She appeals to the municipalities to give priority to use the money for children from poor families. Further, some of the extra money goes to Caribbean Netherlands.

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