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Ice skating
Dec 19 '16 11:00

The Research Center for Cultural Heritage added the tradition of skating on natural ice to the list of Dutch cultural heritage. According to the Center, skating on natural ice has such a prominent role in Dutch history that the tradition can not be left off the list, NRC reports.

Sep 30 '16 16:00

Dutch students associations will not be added to the list of cultural heritage for the time being, Ineke Strouken said on Friday. She is director of the Center for Popular Culture and Intangible Heritage.

ref: PM_060055_NL_sHertogenbosch;
Sep 2 '16 16:30

The State Service for Cultural Heritage granted a total of 54.5 million euros in subsidies to the owners of national monuments for their maintenance and conservation. The largest subsidies went to two important and historical churches

Dec 2 '15 10:00

Fireworks on New Year's and the Indonesian rijsttafel - or rice table in English, a meal of Southeast Asian food consisting of a selection of spiced rice dishes - are two of nine traditions that were added to the National Inventory Intangible Dutch Cultural Heritage this week, the Dutch Center for Popular Culture and Intangible Heritage announced.

Jul 24 '14 13:10

In Amsterdam, one in 38 people is a millionaire, according to a study. This brings the Dutch capital in ninth place on the world ranking list. Monaco is still at first place, where 29 percent of the population on the French Riviera has millions in the bank.

Jun 11 '14 07:52

In an attempt to quell accusations of racist imagery, the Netherlands Center for Folk Culture and Immaterial Heritage (VIE) have come with a new suggested look for Zwarte Piet. The reimagined character is still black, but no longer has curly hair, or full red lips. The character's outfit has been updated, and Piet will also no longer wear his signature golden hoop earrings.

Mar 28 '14 08:37

Concerned parties have been debating the future of Zwarte Piet in secret since October. These secretive talks are in attempt to find solutions to prevent escalations surrounding the subject, such as last year.

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