criminal group

Jan 5 '18 14:18

A man from Venezuela was arrested in the Dominican Republic under suspicion of involvement in the murder of two Dutch citizens from Amsterdam last year.

According to the Dominican Republic's police the arrested man's name is Carlos José Gascon González alias El Gocho (the pig). He is supposedly the leader of a criminal group active in the Caribbean, South America, the USA and Europe. According to newspaper AD he was captured on Dec. 29 in the neighborhood of Piantini in Santo Doming, the capital city.

Oct 26 '15 14:21

A car has been found that is believed to be linked to an investigation into a double homicide that occurred last week in the Hooge Zwaluwe. The double murder, in which motorcycle club No Surrender leader Brian Dalfour was killed, is said to be the result of a runaway rip deal, in which criminals tried to steal money or drugs.

Jul 4 '14 15:25

In a large-scale operation, the police has raided twenty establishments from the coffeeshop chain Grass Company, including four coffeeshops in Tilburg and Den Bosch, the NOS reports.

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