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May 6 '19 15:10

A quarter of all websites that offer illegal downloads are hosted on Dutch servers, according to a list of such websites posted by the United States and European Union. That makes the Netherlands the second largest provider of illegal download sites, after the United States which hosts 34 percent of such sites, reports.

The list features websites that offer torrents with illegal downloads, as well as sites that illegally stream copyrighted material.

The Pirate Bay
Oct 5 '17 10:50

Dutch telecom providers Ziggo and XS4ALL are blocking access to torrent site The Pirate Bay after the court in The Hague ordered them to do so. Ziggo blocked the site on Wednesday, and XS4ALL plan to do so on Thursday, RTL Nieuws reports.

Mar 7 '17 12:55

On Tuesday the court in The Hague ordered the Naturalis museum in Leiden to "immediately" stop renovations to the building. The building's original architect Fons Verheijen filed a lawsuit saying that the renovations infringe on his copyright. The Hague court ruled that the renovations must be stopped until a court ruled on this lawsuit, reports. 

A court ruling on Verheijen's lawsuit is expected in May.

Jul 19 '16 15:45

Bavaria cannot claim copyright on its slogan "Zo. Nu eerst..." (So. But first... in English), the court in The Hague ruled on Tuesday in a lawsuit between the brewer from Lieshout and an internet company from Zwolle

Popcorn Time logo (Source: Wikimedia/popcorn-org
Feb 9 '16 10:44

Dutch copyright association Stichting BREIN is once again targeting Popcorn Time, this time about its web version. A newly developed plugin, called Torrents Time, allows users to illegally stream a movie or episode, without having to download it first

Dec 31 '15 10:07

The copyright on Anne Frank's Diary may or may not expire tomorrow, January 1st, 2016. The Anne Frank Fund in Basel, Switzerland is threatening a lawsuit to keep the diary out of public domain a while longer

Dec 7 '15 10:08

Dutch publishers started the fight against the sale of secondhand e-books. People placing an ad to sell a secondhand e-book on Marktplaats now automatically receive an email from copyright watchdog Stichting Brein threatening a fine of thousands of euros

Popcorn Time logo (Source: Wikimedia/popcorn-org
Nov 25 '15 11:17

Two young Dutch developers were reprimanded after being caught trying to redistribute illegal streaming service Popcorn Time

Nov 17 '15 13:10

It seems inevitable that the question of whether or not Anne Frank's diary will enter public domain on January 1st next year will end in a lawsuit between the Swiss Anne Frank Fund and the Amsterdam Anne Frank Foundation.

Nov 13 '15 17:26

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands is sending a series of questions to the European Court of Justice to decide if by sharing torrent files, The Pirate Bay is violating Europe's copyright directive. The questions concern a court case brought by copyright protection organization Brein against internet service providers Ziggo and XS4ALL.

Aug 4 '15 14:12

Copyright watchdog BREIN has filed a lawsuit against a provider of streaming media players in an effort to stop the sale of these devices. The case is currently before the European court. Should this lawsuit prove successful, the anti-piracy foundation will turn its attention to other providers

Nov 19 '14 08:06

According to Hema, the allegations that their new smartphones are imitations of the smartphones of Chinese manufacturer ZOPO, is "complete nonsense".

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Mar 1 '14 04:32

Following Ziggo and XS4ALL, now KPN will also remove the block on The Pirate Bay website, announced KPN, Friday.

Feb 21 '14 20:04

The "Brein" foundation will appeal the verdict of the The Hague court, late January, that ruled Internet providers Xs4all and Ziggo no longer have to block download website "The Pirate Bay." The block had been in affect since January 2012.

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