Jan 13 '20 10:10

People in the Netherlands are drinking less coffee, but are more willing to spend more for a quality cup of the caffeinated beverage. In liters, the amount of coffee consumed in the Netherlands decreased by roughly 8 percent since 2005. But the amount of money spent on coffee increased by 20 percent, NOS reports based on figures from the Euromonitor. 

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Aug 14 '15 15:54

Nespresso is closing its outlets in Bijenkorf department stores and will be opening its own shops. The last Nespresso outlet in Bijenkorf will close early next year

Photo: Bluecup,
Sep 23 '14 17:08

Amsterdam foursome Mike, Lars, Daan and Hans are taking Kickstarter by storm with their reusable coffee capsule dispenser “Bluecup”. The product gives users the ability to use the Nespresso system with their own coffee capsule, and has reached a pledge total of €21k, representing almost half of the company's target amount with seven days left to go.

Sep 10 '14 12:28

Coffeelicious in Dordrecht has been awarded first place the Misset Koffie Top 100 coffee rankings, which judges the best coffee companies from across the Netherlands. The judged said of this years winner that Coffeelicious gave customers a whole round traditional coffee experience.

Jul 7 '14 14:01

Starbucks and Dutch coffee company Douwe Egberts (DE) believe that the future of the professional coffee market lies in at-work coffee stalls. This does mean that drinking coffee at work will come at a price.

Mar 25 '14 10:51

The EYE Film Instituut in Amsterdam is going to sell David Lynch coffee beans in the museum shop.

Mar 18 '14 13:50

The Dutch are well lauded as coffee appreciators, which might be the reason behind the upcoming Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2014.

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