May 21 '18 12:00

The police fired shots while raiding a squatted building in the Oude Noorden district of Rotterdam during the early hours of Monday morning. One man was shot in the leg by the police and arrested, NOS reports.

Police officers raided the squatted building on Bergweg based on a report of firearm use in or around the building.

At the scene officers saw a man leaving the building and ordered him to stop. But when the man saw the cops, he ran off. Warning shots did not make him stop, and the police eventually shot him in the leg. He was arrested.

Oct 31 '16 14:35

The police arrested three men and two women in a cafe on Bergewg on Sunday morning in connection with a shooting. Several local residents reported hearing gunshots and seeing people fleeing into the cafe, the police said in a statement.

The reports started coming in at the police station around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday. Officers carefully approached the cafe on the corrner of Bergweg and Vijverhofstraat, but due to the closed shutters, could not make out what was going on inside.

Elou Akhiat
Feb 11 '14 10:17

The 40-year old Elou Akhiat, a female Moroccan entrepreneur has recently received criticism for starting a wine bar.

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