Benno L.

Jul 10 '15 10:57

Convicted pedophile Benno L. was recently released from the electronic ankle bracelet that monitored his location. The ankle bracelet was used to make sure that he was keeping to the location ban imposed on him in 11 municipalities.

Apr 8 '14 08:00

Convicted pedophiles will have to return to their own home towns after completing their jail sentence. It is then up to the municipality to lead the criminals into good jobs and a normal life.

Henri Lenferink
Feb 28 '14 07:51

The mayor of Leiden, Henri Lenferink, is fully aware that he rode solo on the decision to house convicted pedophile Benno L., in Leiden.

Feb 28 '14 04:35

The council meeting in the town hall in Leiden, Thursday night, concerning housing arrangement for convicted pedophile, Benno L., drew dozens of attendants. The meeting was scheduled to start at 20:00.

Henri Lenferink
Feb 26 '14 08:54

Mayor of Leiden, Henri Lenferink, will be able to rely on the support of the Council on Thursday, as they will stand behind him in the municipal council meeting about the housing of Benno L. the ANP reports.

Feb 22 '14 04:35

Sex offender Benno L. will stay in Leiden, concluded mayor Lenferink after consultation with police, public prosecution, and Probation Netherlands. L. is not allowed any contact with children in Leiden.

Henri Lenferink
Feb 18 '14 08:19

Leiden mayor Henri Lenferink has so much faith in Benno L.'s reintroduction into society that he's staking his mayorship on it.

Feb 17 '14 07:23

Residents in a flat complex for the elderly in Leiden were not informed that their new neighbor, Benno L., is a registered pedophile.

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