Leiden Council supports mayor Lenferink

Mayor of Leiden, Henri Lenferink, will be able to rely on the support of the Council on Thursday, as they will stand behind him in the municipal council meeting about the housing of Benno L. the ANP reports. 

The municipality of Leiden had a meeting last week when it appeared that the convicted pedophile lives in Leiden. This led to widespread unrest and protest in the city as well as further afield. On Friday, Lenferink decided that L. could stay in the city anyway.

The local VVD, D66, SP, GroenLinks, PvdA, Party for Animals and City party Leiden Ontzet are stalwartly standing behind mayor Lenferink. They think that he took his responsibility. A "brave" decision, Henny Keereweer of the PvdA called it.

Leefbaar Leiden is criticizing the mayor, however. Daan Sloos, the only council member of the local party, is going to file a vote of no confidence against Lenferink on Thursday. "Ridiculous", says SP-leader Julian van der Kraats. GroenLinks is even filing a motion of censure against Leefbaar Leiden.

The motion of Sloos can rely on one vote for, that of Sloos himself, an 33 against. The CDA with four seats, is not ruling out supporting the motion. "The mayor has acted solo. I await his decision on Thursday" CDA's Patrick Meijer said.

The Christian Union (one seat) does not want to comment on the meeting beforehand.

Despite the support for Lenferink, most parties will no doubt furrow their brows over the mayor's decision to keep Benno L.'s arrival a secret. "It is an illusion that you can keep this a secret in these times", GroenLinks faction President Pieter Kos said.

The Party for Animals (PvdD) thinks that Lenferink could have discussed it before making a decision.

Leefbaar Leiden leader Sloos thinks Lenferink should never have brought Benno L. to Leiden, especially not secretively. "That is simply dangerous and I blame him for that."