Pedophiles back to own communities

Convicted pedophiles will have to return to their own home towns after completing their jail sentence. It is then up to the municipality to lead the criminals into good jobs and a normal life. 

This comes from Bernt Schneiders, president of the Mayors Organization, on Monday in the television programme EenVandaag.

"What we should avoid is a system in which we peddle pedo's through the whole country to see if someone can be homed somewhere", Schneiders says. "I plead that sexual delinquents just return to their own municipality. If we don't do that, then you get a carrousel which you can't even tie a rope to anymore."

In municipalities, mayors, reclassification, and justice are discussing the possibilities for improvement in the guidance over these criminals when they return to a community. They are doing this as a response to the argument that is ignited every time a pedophile is set to re-enter society.

This was clearly visible when ex-swimming teacher and convicted pedophile Benno L. was returned to Leiden.

Schneiders is not in favor of a randomized rotation system, in which a new municipality can be pointed to every time. "The main point should be: you come out of prison, you've done your time, and then you have a new chance. If a mayor can then say that you can't live in your own home town anymore, then that is a very far-reaching violation of people's freedom."

It is only if there is a threat of direct confrontation with victims that a different community can be sought, the Mayors Organization believes.