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Dec 31 '19 11:20

Employers want to solve the staff shortages in many sectors in the Netherlands by making part-time workers work more hours, according to a memorandum from employers' associations AWVN, MKB-Nederland, and VNO-NCW, the Telegraaf reports.

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Sep 11 '19 08:49

Dutch employees can look forward to higher-than-expected wage increases next year, according to calculations from employers' association AWVN based on the collective bargaining agreements that have already been reached, Financieele Dagblad reports.

Central planning office CPB expected a wage increase in the market sector of 2.5 percent next year. But based on the multi-year collective bargaining agreements already reached in the market sector, AWVN calculates a wage increase of 3.3 percent for next year. 

construction worker
Oct 1 '18 11:40

Employers' organization AWVN wants to make it mandatory for freelancers, entrepreneurs and other self-employed to have occupational disability cover. The AWVN will present this plan at a conference on Monday, Trouw reports.

Compulsory disability insurance for self-employed and freelancers has long been a point of dispute between employers and trade unions. Trade unions warn of the risk that the growing group of self-employed in the Netherlands form, while employers argued that self-employed should be able to decide for themselves how they spend their income.

Oct 5 '15 10:21

The Netherlands must take urgent action to make sure that refugees in the country do not dramatically increase the unemployment rate in the nation, said Harry van de Kraats, director of employers' association AWVN. This group could wind up as long-term unemployed if the country does not help refugees quickly find work, he said in an interview with BNR.

Oct 31 '14 08:55

To prevent experience getting unnecessarily lost, the Cabinet wants to make it easier to continue working after reaching retirement. Therefore they want to bring an end to the mandatory dismissal upon reaching retirement age.

Oct 13 '14 12:02

Today Business association AWVN is presenting a plan to Prime Minister Mark Rutte to reform the social security system.

According to the plan, everyone who works must be insured against unemployment and illness, have a mandatory supplementary pension and receive money for schooling. This includes the 1.2 million freelancers.

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Sep 16 '14 15:55

If it is up to Europe, trade unions in collective agreements may agree on minimum rates for independent retailers, giving hope to the tens of thousands of underpaid freelancers.

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