Primary school classroom
May 25 '20 07:30

Most primary schools report that their pupils did not sustain any learning gaps while distance learning due to the coronavirus, according to a pol by the general association of school leaders. 90 percent of schools said their pupils showed constant progress. 10 percent noticed a delay, of whom 1 percent said their pupils fell seriously behind, NOS reports.

Kids with school bags
May 22 '20 08:59

Even though primary schools and special education schools have been open again for two weeks, about 500 pupils are still not in school and have not had contact with their teachers, according to a poll by the general association of school leaders AVS among a thousand schools, NOS reports. 

Amsterdam primary school reopens as Netherlands eases out of its coronavirus lockdown, 11 May 2020
May 15 '20 15:00

Primary schools with many pupils from poor families saw high absenteeism this week, because parents are afraid to send their kids back to class, according to the Youth Education Fund, which supports around 200 primary schools with pupils from disadvantaged situations. Parents are mainly concerned that their kids will contract the coronavirus, or pass it on to someone else. Schools are concerned that already vulnerable children are at risk of falling more and more behind, the Youth Education Fund said to the Volksrkant.

Amsterdam primary school reopens as Netherlands eases out of its coronavirus lockdown, 11 May 2020
May 14 '20 08:17

Around 55 thousand pupils haven't returned to class since primary schools opened on Monday, according to a survey conducted by the general association of school leaders AVS among over 1,100 school directors. Their parents keep them home out of concern that they will be infected by the coronavirus. Despite these absences, almost all school leaders are happy with how the transition from home schooling to back to class went, NOS reports.

Primary school classroom
May 4 '20 08:33

Over a third of primary school teachers consider it irresponsible for schools to reopen on May 11. They think the government should have waited for the results of an RIVM study into the coronavirus contamination risks among children and teenagers before deciding to reopen schools, according to a representative survey by DUO and AD among 1,250 teachers.

Distance learning
Apr 9 '20 07:35

Primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands currently don't have contact with about 5,200 pupils, according to a poll by the association for school leaders AVS among 968 schools. About a fifth of schools can't reach all their pupils since they've been forced to do their school work from home due to the coronavirus, NU.nl reports.

Screen time
Mar 31 '20 11:48

With schools being closed and parents working from home due to the coronavirus, kids in the Netherlands saw their daily screen time increase by around an hour. And while most schools and parents are satisfied with how the first two weeks of distance learning has gone, many are also concerned about children falling behind in their school work, according to two different studies, Het Parool reports.

Bruno Bruins, Mark Rutte, and Jaap van Dissel at a press conference introducing new rules regarding coronavirus.
Mar 12 '20 15:32

As the rate of coronavirus infections continues to grow in the Netherlands, the Dutch government imposed stricter advice to deal with the spread of the virus. The new rules call on anyone in the country to work from home as much as possible especially if they have any respiratory symptoms or a fever, for medical personnel, first responders, and essential workers to cancel travel to countries abroad, and a ban on all events where over a hundred people are to meet in one place. 

Primary school classroom
Mar 10 '20 16:56

As the spread of coronavirus worsened throughout the province of Noord-Brabant, the major cities in the province agreed to suspend all events where thousands of visitors were expected to attend. The move includes all upcoming professional football matches, the mayors of Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Tilburg said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Tilburg Mayor Theo Weterings emphatically said that people should refrain from social interactions for the next week to help contain the virus. "Seven days of social abstention must be possible," Weterings said.

Primary school classroom
Feb 4 '19 08:35

The general association for school leaders AVS and union CNV are calling on school directors not to arrange a replacement teacher if any of their teachers call in sick. With this the unions want to show politicians and society that school leaders are no longer able to arrange replacements, and that they are under great pressure, NOS reports.

Sep 6 '17 09:50

Primary school teachers across the Netherlands will strike on Thursday, October 5th in an attempt to push the government to increase their salaries, unions CNV Education and FNV announced. 

"Politicians really need to pay up, we want a fair salary and less work pressure in primary education", CNV Education chairman Loek Schueler said to news wire ANP. "The vague commitments politics made so far are insufficient for structurally better education."

A child writing
Jul 31 '17 10:20

Dutch primary schools underestimate the importance of handwriting, experts said to newspaper AD. Handwriting lessons are neglected to the point that over 30 percent of primary school students have difficulty learning to write, and by the end of group 4 nearly half of students have bad or illegible handwriting, according to the newspaper.

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