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Dec 4 '15 16:35

PVV leader Geert Wilders wants asylum seekers to be thoroughly checked before they are allowed to leave an asylum center. This follows a Syrian refugee being arrested in The Hague on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization.

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Dec 4 '15 07:52

An 18 year old Syrian man was arrested in The Hague on Monday on suspicion of participation in a terrorist organization, the Public Prosecutor announced on Thursday. The man arrived in the Netherlands in October and applied for asylum. He was living in an asylum shelter in Zaandam.

Nov 24 '15 08:48

The Amsterdam Public Library is collecting new and second-hand books to open three pop-up reading rooms in asylum centers in the capital.

Nov 20 '15 12:26

Arranging crisis shelter for refugees is costing municipalities tens of thousands of euros, which is written off as contingency fees.

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Nov 20 '15 12:09

The arrival of an asylum center in a neighborhood has no affect on the prices of surrounding homes, nor the time they spend on the market. The number of burglaries also do not increase more than the national trend.

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Nov 20 '15 08:44

Thousands of refugee children in the Netherlands have little access to childcare and education. They also often have to move from one shelter to another more than once. All of these factors have a negative impact on their development.

Nov 19 '15 13:55

The Dutch government is considering a emergency scenario in which young, healthy refugee men will no longer be allowed into asylum centers if there are no beds remaining. Instead they will be given pocket money and put out on the street. The plan is an extreme emergency measure and will only be implemented if there is no other alternative.

Royal Palace, Dam Square, Amsterdam after Paris Attacks
Nov 16 '15 10:17

Amsterdam is calling on its residents to not let fear caused by the attacks in Paris lead them to change their way of life. The threat level in the city has not changed after the attacks and Amsterdam remains calm.

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Nov 10 '15 14:24

Housing corporation De Key in Amsterdam has asked its 997 group housing residents whether they would be willing to have refugee with a residency permit live with them. According to the corporation, they have already received some positive feedback.

Nov 10 '15 14:00

Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice is concerned that frustrations among asylum seekers could lead to radicalization. The terrorism-threat level for the Netherlands has not changed in the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security's latest assessment. The possibility exists that individuals with ill intentions may try to enter the country among refugees, though no such case has been found yet.

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Nov 10 '15 11:20

So far the Netherlands have shown no signs of structural violence against asylum centers or terrorist violence from the extreme right corner, as is currently the case in Germany. Though violent acts by individuals can not be ruled out in the Netherlands. And the breeding ground for extremism, both for right-wing and left-wing groups, is increasing.

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Oct 27 '15 14:00

The National Institute for Public Health and Environment, the RIVM, has decided to quarantine every asylum seeker visiting a hospital and screen them for MRSA. This decision was made after the dreaded hospital bacteria was found in a few refugees in asylum centers in Weert and the provinces of Drenthe and Groningen.

Oct 14 '15 10:17

The total number of refugees seeking asylum in the Netherlands this year is expected to reach between 50 thousand and 60 thousand. Over the past few weeks, the number of asylum applications fluctuated between 2,400 and 4,200 per week.

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Oct 12 '15 14:13

Nijmegen Mayor Hubert Bruls is calling on the government to deploy the army to assist the police in the collection and guidance of asylum seekers and to provide support with the protection of reception centers.

Vluchtgarage protesters in Vondelpark 1
Sep 21 '15 09:12

Over the past decade Dutch municipalities with people with low incomes have taken in more than three times as many refugees than municipalities with wealthy residents.

Sep 18 '15 08:21

The Netherlands is nearing the point where the country will not be able to take in any more refugees, according to VVD leader Halbe Zijlstra. Exactly what the maximum number of refugees in the Netherlands is, he would not say.

Sep 17 '15 10:18

The National Police and marechaussee, a police force that works as a branch of the military, have established a new team to help with the increasing number of refugees in the Netherlands.

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Sep 9 '15 08:46

Refugees in the Netherlands are currently most in need of bicycles, pajamas and underwear for men. There is currently no need for stuffed animals - a large amount has already been donated and it is difficult to wash them all properly.

asylum seekers
Sep 7 '15 16:16

The Amstelveen D66 wants the mayor and aldermen to investigate the possibility of housing refugees in the numerous empty office buildings in the area. The party also wants to remove obstacles standing in the way of private initiatives to do so.

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Sep 3 '15 10:18

The Dutch agency for the reception of asylum seekers COA is desperate for more shelter for refugees. The agency will need even more than the previously stated 10 thousand beds this year, and is calling upon all Dutch municipalities to help provide shelter for the people fleeing to the Netherlands for safety.

Aug 18 '15 08:59

The number of asylum seekers arriving in the Netherlands keeps increasing and State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice does not see this changing in the foreseeable future. Currently about 1,700 asylum seekers arrive in the Netherlands per week. The Cabinet has taken a number of measures to deal with this influx.

asylum seekers
Aug 6 '15 08:49

The asylum centers in the Netherlands are overflowing due to a combination of the massive influx of new asylum seekers and the difficulty of finding those with a residence permit a home so that they can leave the centers.

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Aug 4 '15 09:30

Employees working at the four asylum application centers in the Netherlands are regularly confronted with aggressive behavior from the asylum seekers. They have to deal with harassment, verbal abuse, threats and sometimes even physical violence.

May 20 '15 14:45

The Netherlands often violates the rights of children, with especially vulnerable children often falling victim of child rights violations. This is the conclusion of child rights organization UNICEF Nederland and Defense for Children in their Annual Report Children's Rights 2015.


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