Wilders: "Hermetically seal" asylum centers until refugees are screened

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PVV leader Geert Wilders wants asylum seekers to be thoroughly checked before they are allowed to leave an asylum center. This follows a Syrian refugee being arrested in The Hague on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization.

"We must hermetically close refugee centers until we know who are in there" Wilders said to Goedemorgen Nederland on Friday morning. "We must not have drama like in Paris." He was referring to the terrorist attacks in the French capital on November 13th.

The asylum seeker in question was arrested on Monday after he told other asylum seekers that he is a fighter for al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Other political parties also gave shocked reactions to the news of the arrest on Friday morning. CDA MP Mona Keijzer wants to know what Justice State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff is doing to improve refugee screening. PvdA MP Attje Kuiken called it a "serious matter".