Report: Dutch to put refugees out on the street if asylum centers fill up

Asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean sea (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vito Manzari)Asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean sea (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Vito Manzari)

The Dutch government is considering a emergency scenario in which young, healthy refugee men will no longer be allowed into asylum centers if there are no beds remaining. Instead they will be given pocket money and put out on the street. The plan is an extreme emergency measure and will only be implemented if there is no other alternative.

This is according to broadcaster NOS, based on information from various sources and a document the broadcaster managed to get its hands on. Coalition parties PvdA and VVD are against the plan at this time, but it is being seriously discussed at cabinet level. The government finds it necessary to consider this type of scenario because it is uncertain how the influx of refugees will develop in the coming months.

The plan was drawn up by a group consisting of representatives of, among others, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the central agency for the reception of asylum seekers COA and the police.

One of NOS' sources told the broadcaster that if nothing changes, the asylum centers will be nearly 10 thousand beds short by the end of the year. Another source said that this scenario will not be necessary this year, but likely next year if the number of refugees entering the country increases any more.

A spokesperson for the Ministry and Justice responded that they are indeed thinking about what will happen if the day comes that insufficient shelter is available. "That should not be confused with a plan that we want to implement. We continue talking to municipalities everyday to organize shelter", the spokesperson said to the broadcaster.



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