Aug 19 '16 13:40

Last week a police dog in Amsterdam found 1.3 million euros hidden in a car the police pulled over in the Dutch capital. Three Albanian suspects were arrested, including the driver, the police announced on Friday.

Aug 16 '16 11:00

Two Albanian men sentenced in Italy to 30 years imprisoned for murder are in custody in Rotterdam and awaiting extradition. They were caught when Rotterdam police officers reprimanded them for walking a dog without a leash, the police said in a statement.

May 18 '15 18:20

Amsterdam police tactical teams arrested three Albanian men in three different locations in the city, early on Monday morning. The three men are suspected of drug trafficking, police stated in a press release.

Bovenstraat shooting
Feb 11 '15 18:15

The second suspect in the investigation of the January 15 Rotterdam shooting has been taken into custody, revealed the police on Tuesday.

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