Judge keeps double murder suspect in jail

Bovenstraat shooting
Bovenstraat (Picture: Twitter/@HannekeJanze)Bovenstraat (Picture: Twitter/@HannekeJanze)

The second suspect in the investigation of the January 15 Rotterdam shooting has been taken into custody, police stated this week.

The 25-year-old Albanian was arrested in Slovenia on January 22, prompting proceedings to allow his transfer to the Netherlands. He was taken to the Netherlands on Friday, February 6 and faced the Rechter-Commissaris (investigating judge) on February 9. The judge remanded the suspect into custody while the investigation continues.

A 26-year-old Albanian was already charged in connection to the attack at Bovenstraat which left two 25-year-old and 29-year-old brothers of Albanian descent dead. He was found injured in an office building on Kasteelweg in Rotterdam the day of the shooting, and remains in custody.

Witnesses said two men were seen running from the home where the victims were found.

The recent finding is the result of an ongoing large-scale investigation. The police has not excluded the possibility of further arrests in relation to the attack and has speculated that the attack is part of a larger criminal ring.