ABN Amro
Jun 28 '17 18:00

The Dutch state sold another 65 million ABN Amro share certificates, about 7 percent of the shares, the bank announced on Wednesday. The sale made the government 1.5 billion euros, ANP reports. 

Following this sale, the Dutch government still holds 63 percent of ABN Amro's shares. The government intends to sell all its shares in the coming years. The next transaction can happen in 60 days at the earliest.

ABN Amro was nationalized during the 2008 credit crisis and returned to the stock exchange in 2015. 

Nov 25 '16 14:25

The government announced a financial windfall of 4.3 billion euros on Friday. According to Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the money came from Dutch citizens paying more corporation tax, income tax and VAT than expected due to the improving economy. And the sale of 65 million ABN Amro shares, which brought in 1.3 billion euros, NOS reports.

Nov 17 '16 12:30

The Dutch state earned over 1.3 billion euros by selling a further 7 percent of its stake in ABN Amro, NLFI announced on Thursday, the Telegraaf reports.

The NLFI is the body that manages the government staes in financial institutions. The government decreased its stake in the bank from 77 percent to 70 percent by selling 65 million share certificates at 20.40 euros per certificate. 

ABN Amro
Nov 20 '15 07:52

ABN Amro hits the public market on Friday at 17.75 euros per share, in line with what was expected. Trading starts on Euronext Amsterdam at 9:00 a.m. with the stock symbol of AMS:ABN

Nov 10 '15 08:03

ABN Amro is set to go public on November 20th. Shares will cost between 16 and 20 euros and may eventually bring 18.8 billion euros in for the State.

ABN Amro
Nov 9 '15 12:53

ABN Amro is facing another fine due to interest rate derivatives, just weeks before the bank is expected to hit the IPO. The third quarter was kind on ABN Amro, with the bank making a profit of over half a billion euros.

ABN Amro
Oct 27 '15 10:39

ABN Amro's IPO will happen before the end of the year if all goes according to plan. The relaunch is planned to be on the Euronext Amsterdam. The initial public offering brings to a close a tumultuous eight-year period at the Dutch bank which saw board members anger politicians and citizens alike just last year by approving a 20 percent salary increase for 100 top executives, in an attempt to sidestep a cap on banker's bonuses introduced in 2015.

ABN Amro
Oct 16 '15 10:02

ABN Amro's IPO could bring in between 17 and 19 billion euros, quite a bit more than the State has claimed so far.

ABN Amro
Jun 17 '15 09:19

ABN Amro is ready for an IPO, CEO Gerrit Zalm said to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Tuesday night. According to him, the IPO is a "logical development" - the bank is financially in order and moral lessons have been learned.

no image
Mar 31 '15 10:18

ABN Amro has "insufficient understanding" of the other positions and personal interest of its own board. The rules to prevent insider trading by the directors are also not in order. Only in the course of this year the bank hopes to meet the requirements set by the supervisor to prevent the mixing of private interests and the interests of the bank.

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Mar 30 '15 08:03

The parliamentarians in The Hague are pleased with the decision made by the ABN Amro executives to reverse the proposed salary increase of 100 thousand euros. The six members of the bank's Supervisory Board announced their decision in a statement yesterday.

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