Sex abuse suspect caught with child pornography in jail

A 72-year-old man from Dronten, who is currently in custody on suspicion of sexually abusing children in the Philippines over a webcam, was caught with a USB stick full of child pornography in his cell. The stick was found in his toiletry bag, was revealed during a pro-forma hearing against the man, ANP reports.

Suspect Hans V. was arrested in April and has since been in custody. In addition to online sexual abuse of children, he is also suspected of making and possessing child pornography. 

In a statement made to the police, V. said that he has been involved in child pornography since 2006, calling it an addiction. He is interested in girls under the age of 12. "You are always looking for something beautiful to come along", the Public Prosecutor quoted from his statement in the court in Rotterdam on Thursday. 

The court considered the discovery of the USB stick as an indication that there is a clearly present chance of repetition in V.'s case. Partly because of this, the court ruled that he will stay in custody for the coming months. The Prosecutor called him "dangerous to children".

V.'s trial will start on October 3rd.