A mobile forensics lab from the Amsterdam police
May 23 '20 09:30

One person was hurt in an early morning shooting in Amsterdam-Zuidoost on Saturday. Several shots rang out at 4:30 a.m., records show, with dispatchers sending out several ambulances, police officers, and a trauma team by helicopter.

The shooting took place after an argument on the street, neighbors told local broadcaster AT5. A reporter for the broadcaster said a man was found with a gunshot wound to the leg.

His condition was not immediately revealed.

Cocaine found at the Port of Rotterdam in an empty sea container
May 23 '20 08:21

A batch of 550 kilograms of cocaine was found in an empty sea container at the Port of Rotterdam on Monday. As part of the ensuing investigation, authorities arrested nine alleged drug smugglers at the port over the past week, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said in a statement.

"The narcotics were presumably taken from a recently arrived container and transferred to the empty container for subsequent collection," the OM said in a statement. "In the past few days, nine so-called 'extractors' have been arrested."

An area cordoned off by police
May 22 '20 18:50

Two men and two women were arrested last week in connection with the February kidnapping of a 65-year-old Rotterdam woman. All four suspects were remanded into custody, police said on Friday, while prosecutors and officers press ahead with their investigation.

The alleged kidnapping took place on the Eliotplaats in Rotterdam on February 9 when the woman was taken in a van and held captive. “On February 11, a ransom was paid and the kidnappers released the woman on a public road in Zaandam,” police stated.

Covid-19: Amsterdam residents maintaining social distancing as they wait for their takeaways, 27 April 2020
May 22 '20 17:20

Since the Netherlands went into an intelligent lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus in mind-March, around 18,200 reports were filed about people not adhering to the rules around the lockdown. A total of 7,400 fines were issued by May 10, the Public Prosecutor said on Friday.

Portuguese police car
May 22 '20 15:40

A 60-year-d Dutch man was found dead in a home in Portugal on Thursday. Traces of violence was found on his body and murder is suspected. The police are investigating, the Telegraaf reports.

The man's body was found in his home in Sito do Barranco Novo, in Vila do Bispo in the Portuguese Algarve. He was last seen alive at a party over the weekend. A friend called the police after they were unable to reach him for days.

According to reports in local media, the man had injuries to his face and head. The police believe he died at least 24 hours before his body was found. 

Transmission mast
May 22 '20 14:50

The police are looking for a specific dark-colored car in connection with a transmission mast on the A67 near Maasbree being set on fire on May 1st. "The police are asking the public to assist in the investigation for this car and to share information about the possible escape route," the police said on Friday.

The Spanish police seized 1 ton of cannabis and 580 marijuana plants when busting a gang suspected of trafficking drugs to the Netherlands, May 2020
May 22 '20 11:10

The Spanish police dismantled a drug ring suspected of smuggling huge amounts of cannabis, mainly to the Netherlands. A total of 40 people were arrested in the Spanish provinces of Malaga, Almeria, and Murcia. Two Dutch truck drivers were also arrested. About a ton of cannabis and 580 cannabis plants were seized, the Guardia Civil, the Spanish police, said in a statement. 

Empty classroom
May 22 '20 10:15

The director of the Cornelius Haga Lyceum in Amsterdam planted eavesdropping equipment in the office assigned to the Education Inspectorate for its investigation into the school, four sources around the Islamic high school told NRC. According to the newspaper, it heard one of the recordings and confirmed its authenticity.

Enforcement officer in Amsterdam, 7 May 2017
May 22 '20 09:33

Two enforcement officers were attacked by a group of young people on the beach in IJmuiden on Thursday afternoon. One was taken to hospital with an injury to his face. The police arrested two suspects and are looking for a third.

May 22 '20 08:27

Another gay couple was attacked in Amsterdam Oost on Thursday evening. One man was stabbed with a piece of glass, injuring his arm. Three teenagers were arrested, the police said on Twitter.

The incident happened on J.C. van Epenstraat. According to AT5, the victims were in a canoe when the perpetrators started shouting insults at them due to their sexual orientation. When they went to the side to address the teens, they were attacked.

The victim was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Dutch police car
May 21 '20 19:30

A 35-year-old man turned himself in to police in connection with a spate of sexual assaults in Noord-Brabant over the past two months, police confirmed on Thursday. The man, a resident of Diessen, was going to be questioned on Thursday in alleged attacks on a 13-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman, and the harassment of two others.

Hague police officer
May 21 '20 18:16

An explosive device was found outside a cafe in Rotterdam's ​Kralingen-Crooswijk neighborhood on Thursday afternoon, prompting an immediate evacuation of the vicinity, the police have confirmed. It was the same location that was shot at nine days ago.

So far, there is no indication as to whether or not the two incidents are related, according to the police. "We have to check. But it did happen at the same place, so we have to get to the bottom of it," a spokesperson told NL Times.

Designer clothes seized from a 21-year-old Groningen man suspected of a large number of phishing scams, 18 May 2020
May 21 '20 11:10

The police arrested a 21-year-old man from Groningen on Monday morning on suspicion of various cases of online payment fraud. Among other things, he is suspected of scamming a Noord-Holland man out of 1.1 million euros with a phishing SMS last year. 

"Love is for all" written outside a Lidl store in Amsterdam where a gay couple was verbally attacked on 18 April 2020
May 20 '20 20:51

A 21-year-old man from Amsterdam was arrested for harassing a gay couple as they walked hand-in-hand to a supermarket in Amsterdam on Easter Sunday, April 12. He is the third suspect to be arrested, the police confirmed to RTL Nieuws. 

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
May 20 '20 19:30

The number of reported cases of internet trading fraud​ surged in the Netherlands in 2019, rising 31 percent on the figures of the previous year, the police announced on Wednesday. The police added that, in total, some 70 percent of Dutch had fallen victim to cybercrime in some form or another last year.

Liquid cocaine found hidden in a shipment of live fish that arrived at Schiphol, 4 Sept 2019
May 20 '20 18:21

Organized criminals use force and intimidation to impose a "code of silence" on employees at Schiphol Airport in order to traffic illegal drugs, a joint report by the relevant authorities revealed on Wednesday.

Hague police officer
May 20 '20 18:04

Police are anxiously searching for a man who is believed to have sexually assaulted two teenage girls and may have targeted two others in several Noord-Brabant villages. All four cases involved a balding white man in his late thirties. No arrests have been made.

"We are very concerned and we need to find this man before he strikes again," police from the Oost-Brabant district told the public on Wednesday. The two assaults took place in Casteren and Hulsel, with the other suspicious incidents happening in Netersel and Reusel. Fewer than ten kilometers separates the four villages.

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
May 19 '20 15:30

Residents in Rotterdam found a 39-year-old man stabbed and bleeding heavily on a stoop in front of a home in the Charlois district early Tuesday morning. One person was taken into custody in connection with the incident, but was later released.

Neighbors called police at about 1:45 a.m. when they found the Polish man with serious injuries. “The victim had suffered several stab wounds and was taken to a hospital,” police said.

Belastingdienst Amsterdam
May 19 '20 13:28

On Tuesday the Ministry of Finance filed charges against top officials at the Tax Authority over the so-called childcare allowance affair. The tax officials are suspected of extortion and professional discrimination, State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen of Finance said in a letter to parliament. 

The Public Prosecution Service will investigate the charges. "It is important that the Public Prosecution Service looks at this," Van Huffelen said. "Hopefully, this sweeping step will help to justly close this chapter that is causing pain for so many."

Covid-19: Sign reminding people to stay 1.5 meters apart on Javastraat in Amsterdam Oost, 15 May 2020
May 19 '20 13:00

Discrimination reporting points throughout the Netherlands so far received a total of over 3 thousand reports of discrimination linked to the coronavirus. The vast majority of reports involve Asian people, or people with an Asian appearance, being discriminated against,, the national association for anti-discrimination agencies in the Netherlands, said in a report.

14 Dutch arrested for smuggling 1,400 kilos of cocaine found in a warehouse in Antwerp, April 2020
May 19 '20 09:51

A batch of 4,200 kilograms of cocaine seized by the Belgian police in the port of Antwerp last month, is the reason for multiple buildings being shot at and an explosion in Rotterdam over the past days, newspaper AD reports based on "multiple source within and outside the criminal environment". 

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
May 18 '20 15:40

Two people found dead in a home on De Hooijmijt in the Noord-Brabant town of Made on Friday were identified as the residents of the home - a teacher at local primary school De Stuifhoek and her partner. According to the police, they were killed in a "family drama". The mayor of Drimmelen, which covers Made, called it "a drama in the relational sphere".

Gavel with lady justice in the background
May 18 '20 14:50

During a proforma hearing in the so-called Marengo trial on Monday, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) announced that a number of suspects in the trial will also be prosecuted for the murder of Abderrahim Belhadj in 2016. Exactly which suspects were linked to this murder, the Prosecutor did not say. More will be disclosed at the next hearing in August, reports.

Mobile phone use behind the wheel
May 18 '20 09:30

An increasing number of motorists in the Netherlands are using their mobile phones while driving. They admit to setting the navigation, searching for a song, or even playing games while behind the wheel, according to a study by research agency SWOV on behalf of insurer Interpolis, AD reports.

Nearly 44 percent of motorists said they occasionally set up navigation while driving, compared to 32 percent two years ago. Over 21 percent sometimes search for songs, up from 12 percent. And 8 percent even play games while driving, compared to 3 percent two years ago.