Chief editor of Dutch LGBTQ magazine arrested for sex crime

Hans P., chief editor of the Gay Krant, was arrested on suspicion of committing a sexual offense, a spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service confirmed to NOS. The 44-year-old man from Amsterdam was arrested last week Sunday, arraigned on Wednesday and remanded into custody, the OM spokesperson said.

The OM spokesperson would say nothing further about the nature of the suspicions against P. 

Deputy chief editor Paul Hofman has taken over P.'s duties. He told NOS that his colleague's arrest was a complete surprise. "We are very shocked, this affects us all a lot. If there was any objectionable behavior, we distance ourselves from it."

According to Hofman, P.'s lawyer said that he will not return to his post at the Gay Krant, where he has been editor since 2017. But lawyer Justin Kötter told NOS that this is not correct.

He would make no further statements, according to the broadcaster.