Four arrests in NL tied to Europe’s biggest meth bust

2,500 kilograms of crystal meth found in Rotterdam, June 2019
2,500 kilograms of crystal meth found in Rotterdam, June 2019Photo: Politie

Four people were arrested on Tuesday in connection with 2,500 kilograms of methamphetamine found in a warehouse in Rotterdam last year - the biggest meth bust in Europe to date. The suspects are also linked to a crystal meth labs found in Wateringen and The Hague, the police said in a statement.

The 2,500 kilos of meth was found in a Rotterdam warehouse in June 2019, after extensive investigation. The police noticed that the inside of the warehouse was smaller than the outside and then discovered a hidden space. The meth found there had a street value of hundreds of millions of euros. The drugs were destroyed.

Further investigation led the police to a warehouse in Utrecht, where they found 17,500 liters of chemicals used to wash cocaine and produce synthetic drugs. Investigating officers also found hollowed out stones, which they believe were used to smuggle narcotics. The property was set on fire shortly after the police searched it, presumably by the criminal organization involved, the police said.

On Tuesday, the police arrested a 39-year-old woman and three men between the ages of 30 and 33 in this investigation. Homes in The Hague and Rotterdam were searched and the police seized phones and other data carriers. The suspects are in custody for questioning and will be arraigned on Thursday. 

The investigation is ongoing and more arrests may follow, the police said.