Public transit resumes normal timetable

NS train at Amsterdam Central Station
NS train at Amsterdam Central StationjovannigDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

From today, NS trains and other public transit will be running largely according to schedule again. It is mandatory to wear a mask on public transit. "The following still applies: only travel if you really have to and avoid busy places and times," NS advised its travelers.

The rail company called on travelers to adhere to social distancing measures taken in stations, trains and buses. These are clearly indicated with signs. In trains, travelers can only sit in the window seat, which will be marked with a green sticker. Put on your mask in time for boarding, and give space to disembarkers, NS said.

NS is trying to avoid crowds with all kinds of measures. To make more room on the trains, no bicycles are currently allowed on board. In the event of disruptions or delays, "we will take appropriate measures to spread crowds as much as possible and thus reduce them," NS said. It is therefore important that travelers check the travel planner before starting their trip. 

People who do not wear a mask while on public transit, will be fined 95 euros.