Tamara van Ark to take over as medical care minister: Report

Ridderhof, Parliament, The Hague
The Ridderzaal at night, in the Binnenhof parliamentary complex in The Hague. Sept. 26, 2015mandritoiuDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

Tamara van Ark will take up the position of Minister for Medical Care on July 9 as outgoing minister Martin van Rijn steps down, sources told the newspaper De Telegraaf on Thursday.

It is not yet clear who will succeed Van Ark in her position as the State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment, the newspaper pointed out, but sources have said that the 45-year-old VVD member was selected because of her ten year experience in the Tweede Kamer, where she was actively involved in labor and social issues as a member of parliament.

Van Rijn, member of opposition party PvdA, was temporarily appointed to head the Ministry for Medical Care back in March, after VVD member Bruno Bruins stepped down due to exhaustion. The Minister's announced departure comes as his three-month tenure is set to expire in July.

"We are terribly proud that he stepped forward at the beginning of the crisis to help put out the fire, but the alarm phase is over," PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher said about his colleague on Wednesday, hours before Van Rijn said he would step down.

Van Rijn is also believed to be in the running to be selected as the new Mayor of Den Haag, with a decision expected late Thursday night.