Secondary schools, unions call for exams to be scrapped

Students in an exam hall
Students in an exam hallPhoto: Wavebreakmedia/DepositPhotos

Now that the government has implemented yet stricter measures around curbing the spread of the coronavirus, secondary schools and education unions call for school exams and central exams to be scrapped. "All gatherings are forbidden, so it is unthinkable that students will take school exams this week," AOb chairman Eugenie Stolk said  to RTL Nieuws.

General education union AOb called it "impossible" for school exams and the central exam to continue. CNV Education agrees. "We call on the Minister to make that decision. The health and safety of teaching staff and students is are paramount," the union said.

VO-Raad, the umbrella organization for secondary schools, wants urgent consultation with Minister Arie Slob for Primary and Secondary Education. The schools call for a 'time out'. "The central exam should be canceled."

As yet, the government has not made a final decision regarding the school- or central exams for this year. On Monday, Slob spoke for hours with all kinds of educational organizations. It is expected that more clarity will come during the course of Tuesday.